Yolo Events Magazine is a website for events, festivals, shows, exhibitions and much more. 

“You Only Live once, live for events”.

 Our motto and aim is to create a website which showcases your main events and your local festivals, exhibitions, shows, concerts all in one place.  The categories are endless, whether it be in food & wine, fashion & beauty, music & movies, Arts & theatre and sports.

 Yolo Events Magazine will showcase events that we attend and events that we love to attend.   At Yolo Events Magazine, what we show you is what we believe is for you to enjoy and to celebrate the event .

 Yolo Events Magazine is based in Brisbane Australia.  We want to bring you events from your local suburbs, interstate, and recognise the hunger for international travellers to experience events in Australia and abroad.

 To be able to show what is on and where it is on, you will be able to anticipate your local community event to the events across the border.

 The world is a mega mart of events, and we want to open your eyes to the never ending attractions that are on display in your everyday life.  

  It is much more than just a showcase of events for people to attend.   We want to encourage people to celebrate life and see new things, meet new people, travel to new places, smell the festive aromas and know you have experienced, ‘The Event”.

 Yolo Events Magazine can share with you the events that will make you want to be a part of life.  We want people to feel energetic and uplifted when they see an event and have a, “I just want to be there” attitude.

 At Yolo Events Magazine we want to give you events and life changing moments, as we believe,

“You only live once, live for events”.


 Cornelia Bassham

 Founder & Director